Part 6 of #NEWGROUPCBLAST. Rock this way.

This is what might have happened if a few things went slightly differently in early 1990's sportscar racing...

Summer 1993. Gianpiero Moretti wanted NPTI on board for his project as they knew how to develop a strong car, they've mastered control systems for engines and turbos to a degree that left their competition behind, and also because Yoshi Suzuka and his wind tunnel are an integral part of the team's operations.

The shared resources and collaboration between NPTI and Ferrari produced a beautifully-balanced baseline chassis and aero package. Each of the teams then tucked away in their own shops to work on enhancements and develop their unique concepts. Nissan-funded NPTI went dark for a while, spending long hours in the wind tunnel while rumors swirled about how they've cut away their car.

From baseline aero setup of the F94 project, NPTI worked to further reduce drag and focus on underbody flow. The single dual-element Pershing wing was mounted low to drive the underfloor, and "We cut the tops off the fenders, flowed air around them rather than over, and found this helped the underbody even more."

Emerging from a rough few seasons with a new car and fresh investment wrapped around the Nissan VG30, NPTI is hoping to return to form. The King is back.