Part 5 of #NEWGROUPCBLAST. Not here to play around.

This is what might have happened if a few things went slightly differently in early 1990's sportscar racing...

Summer 1993. The semi-secret new Ferrari factory team's ambitious effort to take on the European Group C series required significant organization and vision to get up and running. Reinhold Joest happily provided his services to build the Eni-Ferrari Agip team, with one condition; he would secure a bare F94 rolling chassis to build a car around for his team to run in the IMSA GTP series (and most likely an option for a second car).

"Gian [Moretti] is a good friend and we want to race, so until Porsche has a car for us, we will use one of his."

Former Porsche works driver turned independent endurance-racing mastermind, Reinhold Joest found himself with 10 years worth of Porsche spares, and a 10-year-old chassis design languishing against more modern machinery. Impatient waiting for Porsche's return from their open-wheel Indycar distraction to focus on sports cars, Joest has his team rework the F94 to accommodate his shop-full of 962 spares. The "94C" features heavily revised bodywork to fit a development of the 962's endlessly-reliable 3.0 water-cooled flat-six. In testing it's clear the result is a success. "The front end on this car is so pinned, it has grip everywhere. We have none of the understeer problems of the old [Porsches]" - J. Winter

Long-time Joest supporter Blaupunkt returns as the team's major sponsor after a several-year hiatus, an indication of healthy interest in the renewed series. So the score is: a Dallara-built chassis co-developed by Ferrari and NPTI, adapted and r-bodied by Team Joest for Porsche flat-six power. Ready to go.