The 1/16 Traxxas VXL is one of very few rocker-arm-suspension R/C chassis available, but even this compact layout still brings a major challenge to creating low-drag, low-frontal-area body designs. The lowest and narrowest possible roofline is defined by three critical components: set high and wide across the middle of the chassis are the receiver box on the left, the Velineon 380 motor, and the speed controller and its chunky motor wires on the right.

Much of the LMP's design iteration has been to work around these components and avoid a toad-shaped roof at exactly the point the roof should be tapering to a narrow profile. The last version got close to perfect with the chiseled vent and flowing character line from the windscreen down to the tail, but it still had a low-and-wide bulkiness I felt could be improved.

A stepped "Bentley"-style shoulder starts from the side-pod vent exit then sweeps across the side window up over the receiver box and back, blending into the tapered tail. This curve lends more coherency to the form language of the body as it mimics the arc of the front fenders, the curve of the suspension humps at the front cowl, and the profile of the windscreen and roofline. The shoulder also pulls the widest point of the character lines down lower on the sides, allowing the roof crown to appear slimmer.

Some additional changes to the height of the now slightly-narrower roof ensure there's still room for the ESC and its motor wires. The right-hand side retains the ESC cooling exit blending along the aft edge of the roof.