The most recent build of the LMP revealed more dimensional problems between the source CAD model and the physical chassis. Since several parts were going to need to be revised, I made the update an opportunity for further refinement of the design concept.

The long-tail rear bodywork has to be split into separate sections in order to fit around the wing mounts. This split creates complex joints and mounting challenges, not to mention just more parts to make.

So I modeled a GTP-style stubby short tail bodywork leading to a twin-tier wing to keep the airflow effectively the as with the long tail. I didn't see any issues with the aero when run in Falcon so it appears it's a workable solution. (And it looks great, combining two distinct eras in prototype design)

Relative to the last test-build, the front fenders needed adjustment to better fit the wheels and maintain clearance at full steering lock to prevent rubbing. The rear cowl and deck needed adjustments to make a little more space for the battery plug and power wires. A few other tucks here and there meant nearly all the panels are changing, so I also moved the roof and "cockpit" further forward again to get a more aggressive modern prototype stance within the Traxxas' short wheelbase. There will be (at least) one more test build...