Chapter 2: The 994. Created as a continuation of #NEWGROUPCBLAST Dusted off Cinema4d after a year-and-a-half (two?) hiatus for the next new prototype in my alt-history Group C/GTP story-arc. Teams, liveries and back-stories in progress...

Germany, 1994. Evolving the 962; it's a monumental task given the decade-long legacy of success the 956/962 represents. Created in partnership with Dyson Racing in the US, Brun in Europe, and Schuppan in Asia, the 994 embodies contemporary thinking for prototypes. Pushed out to the maximum dimensions allowed, bodywork is lower and tighter everywhere it can be, presenting less frontal area. The aero concept is much more evolved; a nose underwing exits through large cutaways ahead of the sidepods eliminating the tail-focussed understeer of earlier prototypes. Familiar top-side intakes lead to reconfigured cooling setup, now designed around fully water-cooled engines rather than the 962's evolutionary adaptations from early air-cooled setups. Rear deck height is significantly reduced, which combined with a narrowed roof leads airflow more cleanly to the rear wing.

Perhaps most significantly, the underfloor and chassis are designed around the 9M0 2.7 liter Indycar engine, a compact super-lightweight V8 adapted here with twin turbos and tuned for endurance racing. The "v" configuration of the engine enables much more optimized diffuser tunnels than was possible with the wide flat-6's of the 956 and 962. However, given this is a customer-focused program, Porsche also created an alternate aero and floor kit to adapt the existing flat-six engines teams may already have on hand. Suspension is now all pushrod-activated, designed for durability and adjustability with damper positioning optimized for ease of access.

Process: car design concept as well as livery designs sketched in Ps iPad. Subject model in Cinema4d. Plan/profile views dropped in Illustrator to work out the livery treatments and their general scales. Illustrator again as the master source for the livery graphic element outputs, which are then mapped onto the model back in Cinema4d. Renders are all Physical Sky at various times of day, with some objects for bounce-light fills.

Seefeel's re-released re-mastered box set "Rupt + Flex"
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