A series of wild adaptations of some of my favorite six-wide Speed Champions models to time-attack and hill-climb form with ambitious aerodynamics and body modifications wrapped around outrageous powertrains. Instructions for the series are available at Rebrickable

Gatebil, Pikes Peak, time attack track days, hill-climb races; these events allow for much wilder machines than typical heavily-regulated mainstream motorsports events. Workshop-grade aero features tend toward cartoonish proportions, engines and drivetrains wildly hot-rodded. Each machine is a story of evolution and escalation from the humble origins of the base vehicle.

Mini John Cooper Works HC/TA "Super Cooper".
Super mad super-mod of Lego's 75894 Mini Dakar Buggy. The Dakar's Mini shell has been dropped onto an equally bonkers prototype chassis with wings on top of wings and more wings around the wings. Not much of the Dakar carries over; roof and rear fenders is pretty much it. McLaren 720s-style sidepod cooling intakes with "floating" outer skins help chill the 800hp twin-turbo BMW M straight-six. [ Mini Pics ]
Ferrari F40 FFS.
The Ferrari F40 is a legend, a beauty, a classic to be revered and preserved for generations. Or maybe hacked into a hybrid F1/prototype mashup Time Attack slayer. #60 a nod to Jean Alesi's Art Sports IMSA GTO car.
Porsche 911/08 RSR-K.
What happens when you want more from your 911? Splice in a hot-rodded flat-eight from a 908 and see what happens. Long, low, with a focus on ultra-light-weight to avoid needing to add turbochargers (and all the extra stuff that goes with them) to battle the Time Attack circuit.
Dodge Challenger SRT Demon ATTACK.
A normal Demon Hemi not grumpy enough? This one has a couple turbos, an extended nose to make way for some wings, box flares for days, and a diffuser the size of small continent.
Jaguar I-PACE ISH.
All-electric, super-capacitor/flywheel hybrid hill-climb weapon. Pretty much no "U" left in the little SUV, but gobs and gobs and gobs of fully manic "S". Very rare process for me, a) I opened the box, dumped parts on the table and just started building... no sketching, no digital pre-building, b) it's a true alt-build only using parts from the kit. Has the usual clever prototype chassis with suspension-ish bits and power-train bits underneath modular bodywork. I crammed as much detail into the previously-gigantic cockpit as I could, the little dude even has a drinks bottle. [ jaguar pics ]