A celebration of Ferrari's 70th anniversary. This modern, 488-powered take on a GT1-esque semi-prototype follows in the steps of the F40 and F50 with a lightweight minimal design focussed on track days, speed clubs and pro race series. The F88's form is a mix-tape homage to great Ferraris; 312PB, 330P3/4, 288GTO, F40 LM/GTE, 333sp, 488 GTB, LaFerrari, and the 512S Berlinetta Speciale and Modulo concepts.

My first Cinema 4d project. Spun up from a sketch in October 2017, this project helped push me through vast 3d-modeling and application-mastery challenges; materials, fresnel, falloff, lighting, emitters, physical sky, camera, booleans, smoothing, rendering... even just the styles of presentation and how to manage the impact that environment has on render times.