Working on an idea for long 'tusks' on the nose of the rXA, I realized I might be able do away with the entire standard Traxxas front bumper and mounting assembly and replace it with a bracket and beam setup (similar to the latest LMP wing mount).

The Concept

Cantilevering the front wing off the front of the chassis emininates compromises in positioning as well as clears space for it to "breathe" more efficiently. Since the support beams are replacing the protective Traxxas chassis bumper, they'll need to be simple and easy to produce should they get wrecked. My hope is they'll be tough enough to cope with normal nudges and bumps from running and only collapse in a big hit.

The Prototype

A bracket (to be cut from aluminum) attaches to the existing chassis bulkhead points. The tusks then bolt to this bracket and meet together at their lower forward point to provide a 'foot' for the splitter mount.

Further iteration showed that a connecting panel between the tusks improves the stiffness to the point where there is very little flex in the system (even made from cardboard).

The Traxxas lower bumper mount & skid component has been cut back to just the skid plate section. It still protects the base of the chassis but is out of the way of the wing.


Foot improvement

Turns out folding coroplast is much less precise than cardboard so the foot design proved difficult to produce. As a result, the splitter was nearly impossible to mount level and square to the chassis. A redesigned mounting uses four screws through the side beams into the vertical tabs of an aluminum foot plate pushed up from under the splitter surface, locking the whole assembly together.