The ultra-minimal car concept is something I've been working on for a while. Functionally, this body design deals mostly with reducing the drag of exposed chassis components, directing cooling for the ESC and motor, and ensuring good airflow through the front and rear wings. I also want it to be easy and quick to fabricate, so the shell needs a minimum of panels and parts; no enclosed volumes, no roof, fenders, etc.

Inspiration comes from vehicles such as the KTM X-Bow and BAC Mono, as well minimal concepts other designers have been pursuing.

BAC Mono.

XTM X-Bow.

Infiniti Synaptiq.

Audi Airomorph by Eric Kim.

Honda Race 2025 bodywork reduced to two thin twisting panels along the sides.

Alex Jaeger Jaegertech bots have some incredible segmented surfacing and volumes.

There are some key challenges to this design. Working with as few surfaces and volumes as possible makes it difficult to build a nice flow to around the chunky proportions and inelegant components of the TRX chassis. The ESC, motor, and radio box all side high, wide, and too far aft to get a nice tear-drop shape.

[ show some sketches from Paper, early CAD models ]

Rather than a complex shell covering the mechanicals, the body panels flow between the components. Suspension rockers, ESC wires, and the radio box become integral elements bridged by a connective sinew of arcing body surfaces. I've also decided to avoid large horizontal surface areas as these tend to accentuate the awkward shape of central running gear. Instead vertical panels at the corners of the car give it volume while "shrinking" the core mechanicals into the space in between.