Italya test page

Following all the detailed research, technical drawings, and the master CAD model development comes the finishing work re-creating and applying all the graphics for the various versions of the cars to the kit's flattened parts.

There are many hundreds of variations of the 962 over its long history. The focus for my first 962 model series are some the last of the factory-based long-tail evolutions, run at Le Mans from 1988-1991.

These are also some of my favorite cars from a purely graphical perspective. The blues of Omron and Mizuno both look very clean and crisp on this version of the 962. Joest's pink and gray Italya is both wild and tailored sophistication. The Dunlop Shell car is simply one of my all-time favorite liveries.

These two pose a few challenges but aren't hugely complicated as the color blocks wrap neatly across (or along) panel divisions.
Mizuno livery layoutItalya livery layout

And these two are a couple refreshingly straightforward ones to work with, although the Alpha car requires sprint bodywork which I haven't produced yet.
Omron livery layoutAlpha livery layout

At the extreme end of the livery-work spectrum, the Shell Dunlop cars have many strokes joining together across multiple curved parts. The arcs and angles applied to the flat shapes will probably require a few test-builds to make sure they're right.
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Many little details are added across the parts. Wheels and tires are finalized, including the tire sidewall markings. Safety labels and switches varied somewhat from car to car. The official ACO Le Mans placards needed to be created from scratch as did many smaller secondary sponsor logos.