To take full advantage of aerodynamic downforce, the chassis needs to provide a rigid foundation for the wing to act on. Previous iterations of my wing mount were prone to flexing. Throw in a crash or two and they would eventually fail entirely.

These earlier designs folded the endplates off of a flat surface which was then bolted to the back of the bulkhead. This setup was clever, but ultimately only as stiff as the fold was able hold its shape. Much of the wing's force was lost to bending the mounting surface away from the bulkhead, particularly with the double-wing setup. And once one area of the wing mount failed, the whole part had to be re-fabricated.

This latest version uses a handful of individual parts: 22ga aluminum brackets, 3mm stainless steel hardware, and new separate support plates with revised wing mountings.

The new mount design secures the wing's leverage longitudinally through brackets both forward and aft of the bulkhead's pyramid-shaped mounting. The new wing support plates also anchor down to the lower suspension bolts at the base of the bulkhead, further resisting any flex while driving the wing downforce solidly into the chassis. The side mounting plates can be removed and swapped out for different wing configurations.