Prototyp is celebrating its fifteenth birthday with what is effectively a re-launch: a completely new website, new model designs, and new project cars. All of which deserve a new graphic theme and a new logomark.

Prototyp's original double-slash-in-a-red-square design was done fairly quickly when the first kit designs came together fifteen years ago. The concept behind the mark was precision and accuracy, reflecting how the models matched in "parallel" one-to-one with the features and details of their full-size subjects.

The new logo carries this parallel idea further, incorporating a stylized "P" counterform into a hexagonal silhouette comprised of parallel angled cuts.

Experiments with 45º angled graphics on LMP renders in Decim8 (an iPhone photo app) helped me visualize how the mark's geometry and proportion could work.

To make highly dynamic car graphics, I wanted a strong mark which would set up interesting intersections and offer a multitude of ways it could be used. The new logo works in any rotation, and does amazing things when overlaid in big layers across a racecar.

Here are some concepts for the newly-formed Prototyp Motorsport Works Racing Team.