I needed a shell for the Traxxas to keep dirt/rocks/sticks out of the central chassis during off-road adventures. I figured I should make it cool, too...

This took about one week from concept sketches to CAD model to built (paper) body. I built up the body over a few evenings from three sheets of big chunky parts, held together with mostly simple tabs and a few intricate folds.

I had some fun with the ridiculous fin shapes along the sides which gave the design lots of slices and angles. Working with paper bodywork at a relatively-huge 1/12th scale is quite a bit more forgiving than the tiny 1/24th stuff of the prototype models.

The idea of small circular rear "window" vents came after I had already built up the front windscreen with its big intake cutout. After a few design tweeks are done, the next built version will have a few some rows of small holes in the front screen instead.