It's taken a few rounds, but I think I've now resolved the last few trouble spots on the overall bodywork design. So let's call the design work for the TRX LMP done. (unless, as it turns out, a test build reveals there are still a few things to address)

First issue was with the twisting character lines at the tail end of the roof cowl. Depending on how the lines cut, that end of the cowl appeared too bulky... By incorporating the peak of the chassis bulkhead into the shape of the raised center 'dorsal' portion of the cowl, the majority of the surfaces can tighten and taper sleekly between the wing struts.

Lastly, I worked out a front-fender side panel shape I'm happy with. The 1/16th Traxxas has such a short wheelbase that the design of the sides of the car has a lot of work to do in hiding the odd proportions. There needs to be dynamic detail and depth for the car to not look frumpy. Working with the layers of shapes set up with the diffuser strake and the side pod inlet, the creases on the side of the front fender set up a tension and flow across the diffuser opening and taper up along the side of the car.

Starting to think about how to produce a master and pull some Lexan. I'm talking with a colleague about using his three-axis CNC router to mill out a wood master. The idea is that the wood will let me smooth out and modify any details necessary and be sturdy enough to hold up to amateur-hour vacuuforming. I still have to think through how to manage milling (and producing) the undercut side panels, as well as incorporating body-mounting tabs.