Very rough build of the LMP evo body design using very crappy paper... Really just a fitment check and validation for the underlying model, but still can't help but zip it around on the street. This is the first time I've had a complete body, along with a useable wing and full tunneled underfloor running together.

Getting the proportions and shape right on the Traxxas chassis is obviously still a challenge. It's coming along, but needs work. It's immediately apparent the windscreen and roof are too "fast" and raked rearward. This short wheelbase will need a much more forward and upright cabin shape. The fender fitment isn't working yet either.

Experiments cutting and hacking on this body showed improvements to handling characteristics when the side pods worked more like a set of smooth ducts rather than the big open gaps this design has.

The addition of vents in the forward cowl upper surface helped reduce lift as well as pull more air through the splitter. The re-routed the motor-wires now need far less space up top, so the roof can be lower and more forward to give the design modern LMP characteristics.