LMP model needed another round of changes to accommodate some new aero ideas for the underfloor and wing-mount as well as correct some fitment and dimensional issues.

The bodywork had to be made wider between the fenders due to measuring errors (explained why fitting the white build was so problematic). The nose cowl is drawn lower and longer over an extended front splitter.

The rear deck is longer as well, and significantly lower. Hacking the rear bulkead down to its minimum pickup points lets the rear deck and trailing edge of the roof drop down quite low. Combined with further tweeks to make the motor wiring more compact, this allowed the entire aft section of the roof and bodywork to taper more sharply and clear more air for the wing. In all, the whole rear section forward of the wing is lower by about half an inch (quite a significant amount at this scale).

Under the car is a prototype a ducted "tunnel" underfloor, which leads to a a much deeper rear diffuser, all attached to a minimal Traxxas rear bulkhead. The new rear structure supporting the diffuser and wing also introduces top-mounting wing supports. These "goose-neck" wing mounts have proven to provide significant improvements in wing efficiency on full-scale cars.

Wing endplates will be sharing the load forces to the diffuser and the modified compact rear bulkhead. I briefly tried a single center gooseneck wing support but ultimately this was just a bit too fragile.

Various other bodywork smoothing, forming and massaging makes the car lower, wider, meaner. The bodywork really can't get shrunk onto the chassis much more than this. Time to build it and see how it works.