As my skills improve and car speeds increase, the little Traxxas Rally's instability at speed is becoming an issue. The chassis handles so much better without the bodywork on that I believe it's probably more than just a weight consideration.

I believe the bodywork is filling up with air from under the car, which compounding the inherent lift from the hatchback body shape. Keeping air out from under the car by running super-low isn't an option. A reasonable ride-height is necessary to deal with all pebbles, sticks, and road reflectors on our unpredictable and uneven street surfaces.

My idea is to utilize a front splitter, underfloor, and rear diffuser setup and make use of air flowing under the car to fight off some of the lift tendencies from the bodywork. Also may add a roof spoiler or wing of some kind to help fill in the wake behind the hatch.

Scratching parts together with cardboard gives me an idea of what is possible from an aero force perspective, as well as an easy way to quickly work out what shape the parts need to be to fit the chassis. The parts will then be used as patterns for Stratocore components.

Mounting these new panels will be a challenge as I've set out some requirements for the design. I don't want to permanently modify the chassis or components. I also want to be able to easily remove the aero parts so I can run the car in an off-road rally configuration.