Working on a legend. The ubiquitous, enduring, and highly successful Porsche 962 is probably one of the most scrutinized prototype subjects around. It's also my favorite racer and has been at the heart of this Prototyp project since its inception.

This could have been the first Prototyp model back in the early 2000's but I didn't feel then that I had enough information to get the design properly right. More than ten years were spent gathering books and notes, researching the nuanced evolution of the car while developing the four-view technical source drawings.

The source drawings serve as a guide for the CAD model. The 3D model has to start rough and ugly before it gets beautiful... (It is evident that I'm still developing my CAD skills here, and will soon realize this was far too many segments to begin with.)

Hours of refinements to the forms, including building out the tub, inner structures, and driveline in order to ensure all the layers fit and the proportions are right.

Pepakura unfolding always leaves more work to do than one would expect... The parts are rough and need more work in Illustrator. But when they're sorted out, it's time for a test-build.
raw parts sheet