Learning this new software has gone something like this; As I have been going through various Metasequoia resources, reading documentation and doing little tutorials, I amassed a big list of questions to ask of folks who know the app. But, as I would write these detailed questions and think them through, I would begin to understand what the solution might be and just go back to work.

My relationship with Metasequoia itself is coming along, and at this point I've answered all the questions I originally had about using the app - building and cutting shapes, editing, organizing... I customized many of the tool shortcuts so the mnemonics are similar to those I use throughout my 2d design work. I also discovered how to 'nest' objects in Metasequoia into "layer" groups (rather than merging them into a single layer). New problem: so far I haven't found a "step and repeat" tool to create duplicates of objects like wheel spokes radially around a common centerpoint.

The LMR bodyshell continues to get rounds of subtle tuning. I've been pretty successful with matching perspective renders from Meta up to actual photos of the car... This technique has revealed some things I was able to correct (front fenders too bulky in side-view for example), while some proportions and details are dead-on. I'm looking forward to first bodyshell test prints soon.