A round of refinements tightens the GTR coupe bodywork to a more aggressive and more coherent form language. Nearly every surface of the original concept model has been changed; curved shapes are pulled more taught and angular, simple angular intersections are now radiused to help them flow. The interplay of these forms also creates a stronger connection between the GTR and its cousins, the LMP prototype and ARX off-roader.

The main changes were to the character lines along the side of the body and through the rear fenders. The upper shoulder lines are now tighter and twist from a vertical plane at the leading edge of the door back to a horizontal surface ahead of the rear fenders. The curve along the lower half of the door has a more taught, up-swept angle kicking up from just aft of the front wheel well through to the rear fender. The rear fender itself stretches more tightly from a classically tucked-in leading edge up around the crown of the rear tire.

Detail changes to the previously straight edges out on outer front fender help it play into the dynamics of the body-side panels. A combination of intersecting curves flare up and back as they sweep out from the front wheel well.

A new "dive blade" juts out from the lower forward half of the door. This swept surface floats in the void behind the front fenders and creates further origination points for the door's curving lines.

Other areas of the car have been reworked too. The nose is now refined with well-defined origination points for the curves and arcs twisting along the body and just enough menace in the 'face.' The entire greenhouse is slightly taller and raked further back over the rear wheels.

Color-blocking and livery theme design work are next.